What To See in Bohinj

A local market with delicious food for breakfast is held place every week and there is a shop with local products just a 5-minute walk from our apartments. There are three restaurants serving different types of food in the village. The famous Devil’s Bridge (Hudičev most) and the mysterious Mostnica Gorge are only a short walk away. Go on a peaceful ride in the electric boat on Lake Bohinj or take a pleasant walk to other interesting sights.

Savica Waterfall

The Savica waterfall is a beauty any time of the year (Gantar, slovenia.info)

Electric Boat

Make memories on a peaceful boat ride on Lake Bohinj (Sodja, slovenija.info)

A Monument to Four Brave Men from Bohinj

Get to know the story of four men who first climbed Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia (Nea Culpa, slovenija.info)

Local Delicacies

Visit our local market or nearby shop with products from Bohinj – from yogurt to a woollen hat (Turizem Bohinj, slovenia.info)


Treat yourself with a dinner and enjoy a glass of good wine or local craft beer (Turizem Bohinj, slovenia.info)

Toplar Hayracks in Studor

Where do my thoughts go when I close my eyes and smell the dry hay? (Mašič, slovenija.info)

Center TNP Bohinj

A few minutes to learn something new and rest with a view of the lake (Srebrnič, slovenija.info)

Concerts, fairs, shows

Where to go next week? (Turizem Bohinj, slovenija.info)